Ipsalu Energy Yoga

starting Tues 20th November 6 to 7pm

Ipsalu Energy Yoga is based on Kriya Yoga and is for all ages and levels of ability. The focus is on building energy in the chakras, energy healing and clearing. Techniques include movement, breath work and meditation. The benefits include improved health and overall energy, increased confidence and inner peace, decreased stress and an invigorated attitude regarding self and life.

Hatha Yoga

beginners all levels starting Thurs 22nd November 9.30 to 10.30am

I became a Hatha Yoga teacher after practicing yoga for over 10 years. The training was what I’d always hoped to find in a class. It was like we were beginners, even though we had widely varying abilities. I learned how to safely get into over 60 poses, which ones helped me re-align my spine and how varying poses opened my shoulder girdle, hips and other joints. They also brought focus, concentration and breath work into play. This is what I teach in my classes.

Mens group

starting Sat 24th November 9.30 to 10.30am

It is important for men to re-connect with each other. With absent fathers and no initiations around the age of puberty to connect us to the Spiritual Nature of Consciousness, the Divine Feminine, our Community and the Natural World, our suffering is increased. We often lose sight of family bonds and become susceptible to the negative influences of the ego and lose the ability to find real happiness. Together we can find a new sense of purpose.


starting Sun 25th November 6.30 to 7.30pm

Grail Christianity is the future of Christianity. The purpose of life is to prepare ourselves for the realization of Ultimate Truth, the Yoga of Philosophical Discernment, the culminating stage of which is the Yoga of the Uncontradictable. These classes explore all aspects of the human condition. Facilitated from a Gnostic Perspective.

Prices for all classes

10 (concessions €5)

All classes in Dervish – use side door if shop shut.